Men's 30 Basketball League

Men's 30+ Basketball League

We are a men's 30 and over bi-weekly pick-up game. The status of the group is currently CLOSED for new recruits.

We play at Glyndon Elementary on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 8:30 to 10:30. It runs the length of the school year - no ball in the summer. Also, any time BCPS closes, we're off. Occasionally we are forced to move locations/nights due to school scheduling conflicts, so we cannot always guarantee the exact day/time or location, but the replacement venues are always in the same general area. All scheduling info will be communicated via an email list.

We run pick-up games with a regular crew of about 20 guys. On any given night typically 8 to 12 guys show up - we play 4v4 and those that sat cycle in when games finish. It's more friendly than competitive and we have guys all over the spectrum skillwise.
The cost to participate for the entire year is $160 in form of a check to the Reisterstown Rec Council. This fee goes to cover the rec council fees and to pay the chaperones. If you are joining midway through a season, we will prorate your amount appropriately.

If you are interested, please contact me (Faisal Morsi - to be added to our WAITING LIST. We allow for new players to play one night for free to get a feel for the competition level and the group. That way you can decide if it's something you want to commit to and pay for.


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