Bloomin' ArtFest

Welcome to Events Registration for the Reisterstown Bloomin' ArtFest

(May 11, 2024)


RRC/Bloomin' ArtFest
P.O. Box 856
Reisterstown, MD 21136

Phone: 410-833-8215

Vendor Registration is open, please click VENDOR. New vendors need to email pictures of the items on your booth to All items sold need to be handmade and not purchased for resale.

Bloomin' ArtFest Contacts

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Community Garden

Hannah More Community Garden 2022 Season

Hannah More Recreation and Parks


  1. Each garden plot is assigned and cannot be transferred to another gardener. All plots forfeited are placed back in the pool and offered to a community gardener on the waiting list. If your status changes contact Menny via text or call at 410-818-4048.
  2. Do not throw trash, weeds, debris around the perimeter of the garden or on vacant garden plots. All trash should be hauled away or placed in the dumpster near the skateboard park. Do not use any other dumpster!
  3. Do not block pathways or encroach on other gardeners plots (plants, supplies, etc.)
  4. Plots that are not worked by May 22, 2022 may be reassigned.
  5. Plots should be weeded regularly. You are responsible for keeping the weeds maintained in your garden for the ENTIRE SEASON. Only ORGANIC products are allowed. Absolutely, NO roundup or products of this type are allowed.
  6. Working in the garden area after dark is prohibited.
  7. Please use a watering can to water your garden. Do not connect a hose to the stationary water tanks.
  8. Only authorized gardeners can fill the water tanks. DO NOT CONNECT HOSES TO THE SCHOOL BIB!
  9. Report any problems or questions to the recreation office (10:00am to 2pm pm) at 410-887-1142.
  10. Please be certain you are planting in your assigned garden plot. If the plot is not assigned to you DO NOT DISTURB IT.
  11. Any violators will be prohibited from returning the following season!

For Information please contact the garden coordinator - Menny via email at Thank you!

Dog Park


Reisterstown Area Recreation & Parks Council
Baltimore Animal Recreation Center (B.A.R.C.) Park at Hannah More

Reisterstown Recreation Council
P.O. Box 882
Reisterstown, MD 21136

Park Administration E-mail:
Membership Questions:

Welcome to Hannah More Barc Park

Our Baltimore Animal Recreation Center (BARC) Park includes a 1.5-acre park for large dogs and a .75-acre park for small dogs. Both parks include water fountains for the dogs. A group of volunteers help organize our park and if you are interested in getting involved please email

BARC's mission is to provide a clean, safe and secure off-leash area where well-behaved dogs can socialize, exercise and play. A core group of area dog lovers worked cooperatively with the Department of Recreation and Parks to develop plans and regulations for the dog park.
To ensure that the BARC is a safe and enjoyable experience for both canines and humans, all dogs must be immunized and licensed. Park membership is required each year, as the registration form verifies immunization and licensing.

How to Register or Renew

  • Check to make sure your Dog's vaccination shots and County License are up to date*.
  •  The Reisterstown Recreation Office does not accept paper applications.
  • No checks accepted; please use credit card as payment method.
  • Register on-line HERE.


*Your dog must have current rabies shots and be licensed before you can register. Licensing forms are available at full service libraries or at a Humane Society. They can also be obtained by calling 410-887-3630, or online for Baltimore County residents at:

Apply for or Renew an Animal License - Baltimore County

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email

* NOTE: Rules and Etiquette are posted at the park. Show respect for owners and dogs, allowing all dogs to be able to use the park safety. See attachment form. Please remember to pick up after your dog and keep your leash with you at all times. This will ensure the safety of all dogs and allows the owner the ability to control their dog if the needs arrives.

* NOTE: Any dog involved in an incident please fill out the attached report and email it to within 24-48 hours. If your dog requires medical attention, please submit vet bill, photo of injury, report, if any witness accounts along with the Bite Claim Report. Once the BARC Park Committee has all the information needed from all parties involved, we will contact you with our resolutions/findings. Serious injuries may result in suspension period or permanent ban from the park.

2023-2024 Membership

  • Membership year begins each year on the first day of March and extends to the last day of February. The 2023-2024 membership year ends on February 29, 2024.
  • Lock codes will be changed annually and as needed.
  • Membership Fees Per Year - $30.00 per dog, and $10 for each additional dog. Fees reduced by 50% on December 1, 2023.
  • A $2 service charge is also applied for each dog at checkout.
    Special payment circumstances can be handled by contacting

Fundraising 21

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Reisterstown Festival

main logo 2021

Welcome to Events Registration for The Reisterstown Festival

September 10th & 11th, 2022
Space is limited, Applications and Money is due by August 5, 2022
No Refunds after August 5, 2022
Booth numbers and parking pass mailed by August 2022
Hannah More Park
12035 Reisterstown Rd
Reisterstown, MD 21136


Reisterstown Festival
P.O. Box 28
Reisterstown, MD 21136

Festival Contacts