Reisterstown Recreation Council

The Reisterstown Rec Council and programs are run entirely by volunteers as an organization by the community and for the community. We encourage you to get involved and help make it better.

All volunteers need to officially register using our on-line registration system: Hover over the word Registration and then click the program you want to use.

Every RRC Volunteer is required to register EVERY SEASON with Baltimore County to perform a backgroud check. You may do so by going to and using Access Code: BCGRec19

Typical Volunteer Roles

  • Program Chair - Organizes a program and directs the operation of it.
  • Program Administrators - Help track participants, costs, coordinate things, inventory equipment, publish schedules, organize fund raisers, and many other tasks depending on the program.
  • Coaches / Instructors and Assistants - Help teach the participants, communicate, interact with other programs and leagues.
  • Statisticians - Score keepers, record keepers