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Schedule Summer 2019

Program Description: This program is operated as a traditional summer playground for ages 6 through 13. 5-yr-olds may be registered if (1) they turn 6 during the programs duration, (2) and are entering 1st grade in September, and (3) have an older sibling in the program. expectations. Field trip admission & bus fare is included in registration fee. There is no other transportation provided.

A schedule of activities will be provided each week. A variety of age-appropriate indoor and outdoor activities will be scheduled every day including arts & crafts, quiet & active games and sports. Each child is encouraged but not required to participate in every activity. Activities will be adjusted for weather extremes (heat/rain) but the program will not close. Every child should bring lunch and a drink. There is no refrigeration available for lunches. Sodas and candy will be available for sale during/after lunch.


Cascade Lake Pool (Hampstead, MD)

June 27th

For all field trips, the buses leave PROMPTLY at 10:00am and return as close to 4:30pm as traffic conditions allows. The site will NOT be staffed on field trip days.

Sportsman's Hall Roller Skating (Upperco, MD)

July 3rd

Monster Mini Golf (Parkville, MD)

July 11th

Sportsman's Hall Roller Skating (Upperco, MD)

July 18th

Bowling Parkville Lanes (Parkville, MD)

July 25th

Cascade Lake Pool (Hampstead, PA)

August 1st

- For skating trips, please make sure your child has good, comfortable socks.
- For Cascade Lake trips, please make sure your child has a lunch, swimsuit, towel, and suntan lotion. Staff will not be responsible for child's use or application of suntan lotion.


I understand this program is designed to provide a healthy and enjoyable leisure experience for my child(ren). I also understand that this program is not designed to provide child care. Therefore, I understand it is my responsibility to discuss attendance expectations with my child(ren) and with their campsite leader. Recreation staff takes morning and afternoon campsite attendance, and there is a sign-in and sign-out clipboard that is updated throughout the day. However, recreation staff cannot detain youth wishing to leave at any time. It is for this reason that we cannot impose participant sign-in or sign-out without a parent or guardian present.

I understand that the playground program operates Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:45 PM. NO CHILD IS TO BE DROPPED OFF AT SITE BEFORE 9:00 AM unless enrolled in the extended care program. The parent of any child left at the site after 5:00 PM will be subject to the fees and sanctions explained below in the LATE PICK-UP POLICY.

Our extended care program can be added for an additional $30/week. You may add this option as late as the Monday of the week you wish you add the extended care. Before care is 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM and after care is 5:00 PM to 5:30 PM. The parent of any child left at the site after 5:30 PM will be subject to the fees and sanctions explained below in the LATE PICK-UP POLICY.

I understand the playground program begins on Monday, June 24, 2019 and ends on Friday, August 2, 2019. Playground is closed on Thursday, 7/4 and on Friday, 8/2 (for clean up). The camp will also be held at Glyndon Elementary School (445 Glyndon Dr, Reisterstown, MD 21136) this year instead of Reisterstown.

I understand the playground site will be closed during the time a field trip is taking place. No one will be at the site the supervise any children that may arrive after the buses leave for the planned trip.

- Organized activities end at 4:15 PM and camp is closed at 4:45 PM except for extended-hour participants.
- If you encounter an emergency, please call the playground office (not the rec office) to let us know.
- Unless aftercare is registered and paid for, at 5:00 PM, a late fee of $10.00 per child* will be assessed. For every minute late after 5:00 PM, an additional $1.00 per child* will be charged. Lateness will be determined according to the clock in the playground office and the program director will have the final word on ALL disputes. The Franklin Police Station will be notified to collect any child left at the site after 5:30 PM. All monies for late pick-up fees are payable in cash before the child(ren) may again be allowed on the site.
- If late pick-up occurs more than once*, the child(ren) will be exited from the program and all fees will be forfeit.

Playground staff does not get paid for hours beyond the operation of the program (9:00 AM to 4:45 PM). They have family obligations and other engagements before and after camp. Waiting for children to be picked up after camp hours impedes them from fulfilling these other obligations. Please help the camp to run smoothly by adhering to the 4:45 PM pick-up time.

* Please note: Should car pooling result in a late pick-up, the parents of all children involved will be subject to late fees and sanctions as listed in the late pick-up policy of this section. Please take this into consideration if you should decide to make such arrangements for your child(ren).

Session 1


$135 (program only) or $165.00 (with before & after)

Session 2


$108 (program only) or $138.00 (with before & after)

Session 3


$135 (program only) or $165.00 (with before & after)

Session 4


$135 (program only) or $165.00 (with before & after)

Session 5


$135 (program only) or $165.00 (with before & after)

Session 6


$135 (program only) or $165.00 (with before & after)

If register on or before 05/31/2018, will get $35 discount per session.

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